Data Book

2.05 Number Rounding

Four number rounding methods have been identified for inclusion in this data book.

Type-1: The higher integral multiple is selected as rounded number

Type-2: The even integral multiple is selected as the rounded number



China CNA 1
Hong Kong HKG 1
India IND 1
Indonesia INA 1
Japan JPN 1
Korea KOR 1
Malaysia MAS 1
Philippines PHI 1
Singapore SIN 1
Thailand THI 1

rem-1: Above country data are not considered any CEILING and/or FLOOR types of rounding.
Those are rather application (such as Accounting/Taxing) dependent rounding.
CEILING: 123.011 --> 123.02
FLOOR: 123.019 --> 123.01
rem-2: Related standards: ISO 30-0, IS 2, JIS Z 8401, KS A 0021

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