Data Book

Annex B

List of standards

B.1 International Standards

CCITT E.123:1988 Notation for national and international telephone numbers
CCITT E.163:1988 Numbering plan for the international telephone services
ICS 01.080.xx Graphic Symbols ICS(International Classification for Standards)
ISO 31-0/13:1992 Quantities and units
ISO 216:1975 Paper - trimmed size -A and B series
ISO 233:1984 Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters
ISO 269:1985 Correspondence envelopes -Destination and sizes
ISO 328:1989 Picture Postcards and lettercards -size
ISO 478:1974 Paper-Untrimmed size for the ISO A size-ISO primary range
ISO 593:1974 Paper-Untrimmed size for the ISO A size-ISO supplementary range
ISO 838:1974 Paper -holes for general filing purpose -Specification
ISO 1000:1992 SI units and recommendation for the use of their multiples and of cirtain other units
ISO/R 2014:1971 (reviced to ISO 2014:1976, and then replaced by ISO/IEC 8601:1988)
ISO 2047:1975 Graphical representation for the control characters of 7 -bit coded character set
ISO 2784:1974 Continuous forms used for information processing -sizes and sprocket feed holes
ISO 2955:1983 Presentation of SI and other units in systems with limited character sets
ISO 3166:1993 Codes for the representation of names of countries
ISO 3307:1975 (This standard is replaced by ISO 8601:1988)
ISO 3535:1977 Forms design sheet and layout chart
ISO 3602:1989 Romanization of Japanese (Kana script)
ISO 3864:1984 Safety colours and safety symbols
ISO 4217:1990 Code for representation of currencies and funds
ISO 4882;1979 Line spacing and character spacing
ISO 6422:1985 Layout key for trade documents
ISO 6093 Representation of numerical values in character strings for information interchanges
ISO 6924:1983 Correspondence envelopes -Vocabulary
ISO 7001:1990 Graphycal Symbols for use on public information sign
ISO 7098:1991 Romanization of Chinese
ISO 8439:1990 Form design -Basic layout
ISO/IEC 8601:1988 Representation of dates and times
ISO 9241-1/3:1992 Ergonomic requirements for office work visual display terminals (VDTs)
ISO/IEC 9545-1/3:1991 Font information interchange
ISO 11180:1993 Postal addressing -format

B.2 National Standards

(Katakana characters} Standard type of letters used in mechanical engraving
(daily-use Chinese characters)
China CNA GB 2894-88 (ISO 3864-1984)
GB/T 7408-94 (ISO 8601-88)
GB 9704-94 Layout key for official document of administration
GB/T 10001-1994 (ISO 7001-1990)
GB 12406-95 (ISO 4217-90)
GB 14392-93
Hong Kong HKG no specific to HKG standard
HKG uses international standard(s) and/or other national standard(s) on products for export, depending on the country of destination
India IND IS 2:1960 Rules for Rounding Off Numerical Values (reviced)
IS 1064:1980 Paper size (ISO 216:1975, ISO 478:1974, ISO 593:1974)
IS 1890:1982 Units and Symbols (ISO 31:1981 series)
IS 6298:1971 Guide for Selection of Type and Page Layout in Text Books
IS 7900:1976 Method for writing calendar dates in all numeric forms (ISO/R 2014:1971)
IS 10005:1994 (ISO 1000:1992)
IS 10934:1984 Representation of the time date (24 hr) (ISO 3307:1975)
IS 11366:1985 Representation of units (ISO 2955:1985)
Indonesia INA n/a
Japan JPN JIS S 5502 -1993 Envelopes and Pocket
JIS S 5503 -1976 Writing Pads
JIS S 5505 -1994 Office files (flat file)
JIS S 5507 -1983 Multi-Plong Binders
JIS S 6041 -1982 Paper Punches
JIS X 0124 -1981 Representation of unit symbols for information interchange
JIS X 0209 -1976 (ISO 2047)
JIS X 0301 -1977 Identification Code of Dates
JIS X 0302 -1977 Identification Code of Times
JIS X 0304 -1988 (ISO 3166)
JIS Z 8202 -1985 (ISO 31/0-5, 7, 8, 10. 13)
JIS Z 8203 -1985 (ISO 1000)
JIS Z 8305 -1962 Dimension of Printing types
JIS Z 8401 -1961 Rules for Rounding off of numerical values
JIS Z 8903 -1984 Standard Type of letters Used in Mechanical Engraving
(Joyo Kanji, Common use Chinese characters)
JIS Z 8904 -1976 Standard Type of letters Used in Mechanical Engraving
JIS Z 8904 -1976 Standard Type of letters Used in Mechanical Engraving
(Arabic Figures and Roman Types)
JIS Z 9101 -1995 (ISO 3864)
JIS Z 9104 -1995 Safety Symbols
Korea KOR KS A 0021 -1962 Rules for rounding of numerical values
KS A 0105 -1995 SI units and the use of their multiples and of certain other units
KS A 0201 -1977 Dimentions of printing types
KS A 0202 -1981
KS A 0203 -1981 Standard type of letters used in mechanical engraving
(Arabic figures and Roman type)
KS A 3501 -1990 General code of safety colours
KS A 3502 -1989 General rules for coloured light for safety
KS A 5201 -1990 Trimmed size of paper
KS A 5401 -1972 Writing of calendar dates in all-numeric form
KS A 5402 -1986 Numbering of weeks
KS C 5610 -1992 Identification code of dates and times
KS C 5713 -1992 (ISO 2047)
KS C 5621 -1980 Unit symbols for information interchange
KS C 5676 -1994 Representation of SI and other units in systems with limited character set
KS C 5713 -1992 Graphycal representations control characters for information interchange
KS G 2501 -1988 Envelopes and pockets
KS G 2504 -1987 Report papers
KS G 2505 -1987 Scrtchboard and drafting papers
KS G 2506 -1987 Writing pads
KS G 2509 -1987 Fools-cap paper
Malaysia MAS MS 1134: 1989 Method for representing SI unit in information processing systems with limited character sets
MS ISO 6093: 1993 (ISO 6093)
MS ISO/IEC 9541-1:1995 (ISO/IEC 9541-1)
MS ISO/IEC 9541-2:1995 (ISO/IEC 9541-2)
MS ISO/IEC 9541-3:1995 (ISO/IEC 9541-3)
MS ISO/IEC 9545-1:1995 ISO/IEC 9545-1)
MS ISO/IEC 9545-2:1995 ISO/IEC 9545-2)
MS ISO/IEC 9545-3:1995 (ISO/IEC 9545-3)
Philippines PHI PNS 01-1983: A standard for standards
PNS 70-1986: Specification for bond paper, white and colored
PNS 222-1988: Specification for paper for plain paper copies
PNS 269-1985 Specification for envelopes
PNS 3864-1984/1989 Safety colors and safety signs
PNS 235-1989 Flexible prong paper fasteners
PNS 558-1991 Ball point pens and refills
PNS 293-1991 Representation of date and times
PNS 1082-1992 Public information symbols
PNS 1083-1992 Development and Principles for application of public information symbols
Singapore SIN n/a
Thailand THI TIS 262 Untrimmed Stock Sizes of Paper (1978)
TIS 380 Sizes of Correspondence Envelope (1978)
TIS 1099 Rovincial identification code for Data interchange (1992)
TIS 1111 Representation of Date and Time (1992)

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