December 2020


Cultural Icon of “IN-KAN”, in New Normal era to come Japan is no exception from countries and territories around the world,being forced to accelerate digital transformation (“DX”) and to seekfor “New Normal” during and post COVID-19 Pandemic state-of-emergencysituation. In the midst of such critical timing, on September 16, 2020, thenPresident of the ruling party, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Mr.Yoshihide SUGA was sworn in as 99th Prime Minister of Japan, andimmediately, inaugurated Suga Cabinet. Along with the critical wheelsteering to cope with COVID-19 Pandemic, digital reformation is beingflagged as main stream of the new cabinet in order to ensure effectiveDX. Amongst all issues pertaining to DX effects, pushing to quickly stampout […]

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Report of CICC Online Conference on National Digital Policies and Projects in the New Normal Era

Holding time Dec. 3, 2020 Holding place ZOOM Webinar Holding result In a global society including Japan, we are facing the challenge of transforming ourselves into a new social economy that makes full use of digital technology. In Asian countries, IT policies and projects for the new normal are being promoted. In order to mutually understand its developments and to share such IT expertise among Asian countries, CICC held a conference on "National Digital Policies and Projects in the New Normal Era" on December 3, 2020, connecting 9 countries online. In addition to Japan, 5 ASEAN countries (Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam) and 3 South Asian countries (India, Nepal, […]

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