August 2021

The website has been renewed

Thank you for visiting the website of the CENTER OF THE INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FOR COMPUTERIZATION (CICC). From August 18, 2021, CICC has renewed its website so that users can see it more easily and use it more comfortably. The URL has changed due to the renewal of the website. If you have "registered as a favorite", please change the registration to the URL of the new page. CICC will continue to aim for an even easier-to-use website.

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New points of “viewing” Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are now being held in Japan. As you know, this time many things are very exceptional in the long history of the Olympics due to COVID-19. There are no spectators at all the venues except for a few places outside the Tokyo metropolitan area. I had tickets for two games, but they are void now. I feel very sad. With COVID-19 infection expanding especially in Tokyo, however, I understand this can’t be helped. In addition to no spectators at venues, public viewing in the parks, etc. are cancelled as well. I have looked forward to the public viewing events since innovative Japanese […]

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