April 2022

Office closure due to the “Golden Week” holidays in Japan.

Please note that our office will be closed from April 29th to May 8th, 2022for the "Golden Week" holidays in Japan.We are sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused to you.

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"Visualized" happiness There is no end to the debate about "happiness" in the east and west.After all, I found an interesting article if I thought that the definition of "happiness" was different for each person and that each person would decide for himself and herself.Hitachi, Ltd., one of Japan's leading IT companies, is said to be operating a subsidiary that aims to commercialize technology for measuring happiness and support corporate management activities.The subsidiary's app uses accelerometers on smartphones and wearable terminals to measure unconscious physical activity and quantitatively measure a person's sense of well-being. It is said that the measured data will be used to create an organization for employees […]

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