February 2023

Report of CICC Conference on National Digital Policies and Flagship Projects in the New Normal Era

Date Feb. 9, 2023 Place Zoom Webinar Report: In Asian countries including Japan, IT policies and projects for the new normal era have been promoted toward transforming ourselves into a new social economy that makes full use of digital technology. In order to mutually understand its developments and to share such IT expertise among Asian countries, CICC held a conference on "National Digital Policies and Flagship Projects in the New Normal Era" on February 9, 2023, connecting 7 countries online. IT-related government key persons from 6 Asian countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) with Japan participated this conference and gave presentations on their initiatives. We would like […]

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We are currently having the criminal case which is making noise in Japan now.The case has been taken up by Japanese media every day, and the public is closely watching the progress for police investigation.The case is a series of robberies aiming at rich people, especially for seniors.It has occurred widely in Japan, and serious injuries and murders have been occurred due to robbery. The culprit is a special confidence man group, and the number of cases has been increased rapidly.The characteristics of this criminal case are the followings. Criminal groups are composed of “instructors” and “executors”. The “instructors” are Japanese, and said to be outside of Japan (probably in […]

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