Message from the President

Takahito Tokita

 In recent years, Information Technology (IT) resources, enhancing their capability, are on its rise and are becoming essential elements of our daily life. Internet, for example, serves as a platform of our primary communication tool regardless of place or time, as well as it provides dynamic cyberspace where unprecedented opportunities, that lead to valuable daily life, are nurtured. Especially, in Japan, digital technology such as Big Data, IoT, AI, 5G, Blockchain, etc. has led to dynamic shifts in socio-economic structure, consequently triggering innovative impact to our everyday living.

 Adopting digital technology that leads to realization of Society 5.0 as well as attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), by way of resolving various socio-challenges upfronted, has become a universal trend, and is being regarded as essential elements of socio-economic advancement in Asian nations as well. With that said, policy formulating actions to resolve various issues we upfront, such as, social infrastructure foundation, administrative efficiency & transparency, financial system reformation, medical welfare advancement, etc. by means of digital technology utilization, are being taken in countries here and there.

 Whilst of such global trend, COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2019 and led us to restrict what-was-our-normal-lifestyle and has given mega-impact to socio-economic activities. While acknowledging the devotion degree varies from county to country, such pandemic has led to set ourselves away from what-our-norms were and has triggered to enroute utilization of cyber space such as distance learning, telemedicine, remote work, etc. It surely is encouraging us to seek for socio-resolutions through promoting digital transformation with confidence.

 The Japanese Government considers that responding to the demand of rapidly growing emerging nations in Asia and other countries around the world for infrastructure systems, and leveraging such activities to achieve further growth of Japan, forms the platform of its global development strategy. To establish and improve the socio-economic infrastructure and solve various issues, it is becoming increasingly crucial to strengthen collaboration in IT field between Japan and nations/regions in Asia as well as in countries around the world, through seeking for the best practice of the diversity, practice, skill-set retained by each respective country.

 Since its foundation in 1983, Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) has tasked itself as a conduit for smooth communication between public and private sectors to ensure promoting computerization cooperative projects and technology & multilateral interpersonal exchanges in support of computerization. In parallel with such activities, we have been addressing the collection, provision and exchange-of-information as an “information hub” for computerization in Asia, with the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), relevant ministries and agencies concerned organization, supporting member firms and others. Through our various cooperative activities conducted during the past decades, we have done our best to contribute to computerization of Asian nations and regions, and fostered a tight and harmonious organizational and personal network, which are valuable CICC assets today. Consequently, CICC is now regarded as a well-known and trusted organization around the world.

 We shall continue to carry out cooperation activities proactively through our support with the development of computerization in each respective country. In such effort, we look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation.