Brief History

1983Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization was established.
          CICC Singapore Office was set up. (Transferred from former Japan Electronic Industries Development AQssociation)
*Training program started.
1987*The Bilateral Conference on IT Cooperation started.
Machine Translation System Laboratory was set up.
*Joint study for Multilingual Machine Translation (MT) started (and ended in March 1995), with follow-up activities (that ended in March 1997).
*Asian Forum for Standardization of Information Technology (AFSIT) started.
1994International Information Technology Laboratory was established (by reorganizing Machine Translation System Laboratory).
*Research cooperation program concerning user-friendly CAD system and production control system started (and ended in March 1999), with follow-up activities (that ended in March 2001).
1995Shanghai Office was established (sharing the office with JETRO).
1997Beijing Liaison Office (Japan-China Economic Association) was established (by relegating the former Shanghai Office).
*Multilingual information processing environment technology project (MLIT) started.
1998*Initiative for Multimedia Information Technology Toward the 21st Century (I-MITT 21)started (and ended in March 2003), with follow-up activities (that ended in March 2005).
2001*Registration of experts in international cooperation for computerization started.
2002*Asian Forum for Information Technology (AFIT) started (by reorganizing AFSIT).
2003*Asia Open Source Software (Asia OSS) Symposium has started.
2004*Publication of Asia Computerization Report started.
2005*Reinforcement Program of Asian Industrial Infrastructure started.
*Program for government CIO invitation from six ASEAN countries started/performed.
2008 Beijing Liaison office (Japan-China Economic Associtation) was closed.
2010 Singapore Liaison office was closed.
(*= program-related events)