Overview and Achievements of the CICC

  • Establishment:
    Established in June 1983. Reorganized into a general incorporated foundation in April 2013.
  • Missions:
    To support promotion of computerization in developing countries and other regions of the world, and aid the development of economies and societies and thereby promote understanding among them and Japan.
  • Collaborative organization:
    1. Government: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), etc.
    2. Public organizations: JICA, AOTS, IPA, JETRO, etc.
    3. Japanese IT companies, IT associations (JEITA, JISA, etc.)
  • Outline of activities:
    Through its long term activities, the CICC has been supporting and contributing to the computerization of countries in Asia and other regions of the world. In particular, our IT training programs have educated more than 5,500 trainees. Most of the graduates of these programs are playing important roles in governmental organizations, universities, enterprises and communities in each country. The CICC will aggressively cooperate to promote the utilization of IT, which supports social infrastructure of countries in Asia and other regions of the world.

Bridge Between Developing Countries/Other Regions and Japan in the Field of IT

The CICC has been actively involved in a series of cooperation and support programs to spread the utilization of IT in developing countries and other regions of the world.
To push these activities forward effectively, the CICC functions as a bridge and a coordinator between governments, academia, industries and communities in Japan, developing countries, and other regions of the world.

Our assets and advantages are:

  • friendly networks—both organizational and personal—and dependable relationships with each country as a result of our long term activities.
  • deep and wide range of knowledge regarding the utilization of IT.
  • abundance of experience and expertise in terms of cooperation and collaboration.