(1) Inviting key IT personnel from governments and/or other related organizations to help facilitate IT utilization in participating countries
   1) Multinational invitations 
   2) Bilateral invitations

(1) Global introduction and deployment of information systems in social and public areas
(2) Global cooperation with developing countries—for example, dispatching IT experts,

(1) Publication of the mail magazines "IT News" (Japanese) and "Tokyo Dayori" (English)
(2) Publication of "Asia IT reports"
(3) Holding seminars and lectures for member companies
(4) Research on IT related cutting-edge-initiatives being executed within Asian countries (i.e. application,SL etc)

(1) On-site IT seminars outside Japan
(2) Cooperation regarding information security,human resource development and standardization,etc.
(3) Support between IT Students in Asian Countries and Japanese Companies through Internship

(1) Contracted research and analysis for METI, etc.