IT-related Information Services

The CICC delivers a monthly newsletter on IT trends and technology in Asia. (Available only in Japanese)

The CICC also issues annual country reports on the following themes, which summarize IT trends and technology, as well as a comparison report of IT trends in Asia. (Available only in Japanese)

IT policies, plans and related laws Current status of IT trends and technology
Current status of IT-related organizations Trends in the IT industry
Basic data of the countries
Thailand (2022) Myanmar (2022)
Viet Nam (2022) Indonesia (2022)
India (2022) Comparison of IT Trends in Asia (2022)

The CICC holds briefings and feedback seminars on the above reports, and also holds informatics seminars inviting knowledgeable persons and experts to make presentations to IT related people in Japan regarding the IT situation and market in Asian countries. In FY2022, our seminar was held online.

The email magazine Tokyo Dayori is published and distributed to former CICC trainees and related persons outside Japan on a bi-monthly basis. Written by CICC staff, the magazine describes the current trends and technologies with regard to informatics in Japan.