Less than a month remains in this year.
As the saying goes, "time flies like an arrow," and as I have gotten
older, I really feel the time passing quickly.
Here's a bit of a look back at this year.
I think 2023 was the year of AI.
AI has been a sophisticated and difficult technology that only
scientists could handle. Now, however, AI is making inroad into many aspects of our
daily lives.

A news reports showed Japanese companies develop AI system for
An AI-assisted system launched by “A” company in May analyzes the
responses of students using images taken during lessons. It compiles
data on the concentration levels of students based on the direction of their
gaze and the way they raise their hands.
Meanwhile, IT company “B” has developed AI-powered technology that
analyzes the emotional state of students.

Well, after all, there was a lot of attention paid to the generative
According to Yahoo Japan, the most searched words by June 2023 were Chat GPT.
It has been one year on November 30 since the release of ChatGPT.
In October, Gartner predicted that by 2026, more than 80% of the world's
companies will have implemented generative AI software and other
According to Precedence Research, a research firm based in Canada and
India, generative AI is already being used in a wide range of fields, including
the financial industry, robotics, and healthcare, and the global market this
year is estimated to be worth $13.7 billion, or about 2 trillion
Japanese yen.

On the other hand, Generative AI has also been identified as a downside,
with risks to employment, as well as the spread of misinformation and
its use in fraud.

There are reported cases where the use of AI is prohibited. For example,
Philippines bans military from using AI image generators due to
‘security risks’ on this October.

Other governments have also issued guidelines for the use of AI.
Next year, AI will continue to be the focus of intense media coverage.

Now that I've had a chance to think about myself.
Am I using the Chat GPT properly?
I am not confident. In the beginning, I found it entertaining and asked
a variety of questions. But there are so many answers that I cannot choose
the appropriate one.
If I continue like this, I will be left behind by the times.
Even just at the close of a busy year, I am getting more and more


<Topics of Government>

(1)Call for Applicants Starts for Supporting the Development of
Generative AI Foundation Models

(2)METI Minister Nishimura Attends Meeting to Exchange Views with the
Senior Executives of AI and Semiconductor Companies

(3)Tokyo GX Week Held

<Topics of Industries>

(1)NEC Thailand collaborates with Industrial Estate Authority of
Thailand to monitor and manage industrial waste in 14 industrial estates

(2)World's first vibration sensing technology using telecommunication
optical networks for making road snow removal decisions in heavy
snowfall areas

(3)Kagome, NEC and DXAS introduce agricultural ICT platform "CropScope"
to tomato field in northern Italy, saving water and increasing yield

(4)Supercomputer Fugaku retains first place worldwide in HPCG and
Graph500 rankings

(5)Fujitsu develops world's first technology for real time CPU and GPU
processing optimization to address global GPU shortage

(6)Fujitsu and Macquarie University establish new research lab to
accelerate development of human sensing and generative AI technologies

(7)Hitachi Vantara Unveils Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One,
Signifying a New Hybrid Cloud Approach to Data Storage

(8)Hitachi uses Recycled Plastic in its Data Storage Products for
Corporate and Government Organizations with Strict Safety Standards