Supercomputer “FUGAKU” got the Quattro crowns (Top500, HPCG, HPL-Al,
as the Highest-Performance Processing capacity of the computer in the
world 2020.

I cannot forget, there was a man who was called “The genius of
computer” in Fujitsu.  History of Computer in Japan was started from
him I believe. His name is Mr.Toshio Ikeda. 75 Years ago, Japan was
defeated in World War II. After the war, Japan succeeded in sharp
reconstruction from the damage by the war. He was not only a brilliant
engineer but also a great motivator, an educator, a philosopher, an
artist and a great communicator.
My favorite two impressive words of Mr.Toshio Ikeda:
“All development starts with an emotion from bottom of heart
dynamically. If you are
impressed by something, be devoted earnestly”
“There is no word “impossible” for every challenger”

He worked harder than anyone and he staked his life on the development
of the computer.
In 1974, He died at 51 years old.

I believe that spirit of Mr. Ikeda is still being continued to computer
engineers even now.


<<Topics of Government>>

(1)“Guidebook on Corporate Governance for Privacy in Digital
Transformation (DX) ver.1.0” Formulated

(2)Study Group for Acceleration of Digital Transformation to be

(3)“DX Stocks 2020” and “Noteworthy DX Companies 2020” Selected

(4)FY2020 Online Symposium for Smart Mobility Challenge to be Held

<<Topics of Industries>>

(1)NEC face recognition engine provides highly accurate results even
when face masks are worn - Strengthening countermeasures against
infectious diseases -

(2)OLL and NEC Launch MIST Cable System Construction
- More than 216Tbps capacity to serve bandwidth growth in Asia -

(3)Hitachi Constructs Japan's First Platform for Integrated Management
of Cell and Tracing Information throughout the Value Chain for
Regenerative Medicine Products through Collaborative Creation with
Alfresa and Others

(4)Hitachi Begins Testing of 5G Powered Industrial IoT Solutions at its
Silicon Valley Research Center in California, USA

(5)Hitachi Hosts "Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2020 TOKYO ONLINE"

(6)Fujitsu Develops Digital Trust Management Technology to Ensure
Authenticity of Business Data