“Memory of Dr.Ken Endo”

In spite of the pandemic of COVID-19, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics game were held successfully, with postponed for 1 year.
At first, I would like to pay my heartfelt respects and gratitude to all of Olympians and Paralympians.

I remembered that I met Dr. Ken Endo, one of the most famous artificial leg engineers, brilliant global innovator four years ago. I had a chance to meet him because he was a nephew of my wife's friend.

Dr. Ken Endo brought the society great contributions as a robotics and an artificial leg engineer.
He gets many awards including World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leaders 2014".
He is well known as Japanese young innovator, engineer, and leader in the world.
By using mathematical analyzation with big data from a mechanism of human walk, he develops great artificial leg for every handicapped people in all of the world.
You can see his biography on attached URL as bellow.

He spoke very gently, but he was aflame with enthusiasm.
The best friend of Dr. Ken Endo was cut his leg for osteosarcoma when he was 26 years old.
The friend told Dr. Ken “I hope to walk by my own legs, not by robot."

Dr. Ken Endo told me his dream.
"The human body have many hidden physical abilities that people still may not know yet.
Using the secret possibility that a human being has, we can change the human lifestyle drastically. For example, if we can expand the lost physical ability,
not only covering the lost physical ability, we can eliminate the boundary line between people who is not physically handicapped and handicapped people. And we can change the negative mind that our society has for handicapped people.
My dream is to eliminate the words "handicapped people" from our world."

The artificial leg that Dr. Ken Endo developed brought Paralympians many medals and glory.
But he develops not only the hi-spec artificial leg for athlete, but also, he still keeps challenging to develop the inexpensive artificial leg for the handicapped people who live in the developing countries.

Dr. Ken Endo, who make handicapped people happy using advanced technology, is still on the way to goal of his dream.

Kotaro OKADA(Mr.)


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