A National Private ID Card

Let me start off with a casual query.

If you encounter a promotional program, run by the Government, that offers cashback worth of lunch-meal for five-to-ten-days period and that with no obligation associated, would you be willing to apply for it?
Myself being a “nothing-is-free” believer, I would NOT immediately leap at such chance but rather wait and see if any unexpected situation arises, even though such promotion is run by the Government.
Well, observing the penetration progress made thus far on the National ID Card (An Individual Number Card called “My Number Card”) in Japan, I found myself not being left behind but many others think alike. My Number Card scheme is recognized to be one of the inevitable platforms of digital government that shall eventually lead to realization of social digitalization. However, since its launch back in 2016, the latest statistics indicates that yet, merely 39% has applied requesting for its issuance.
In order to improve and to accelerate such status, recently inaugurated Kishida administration seems to be coming up with a similar cash-benefit promotion that took place during prior administrations. Unfortunately, I cannot hold myself but to wonder of its effectiveness as the history has already proven of its least impact level.
Meanwhile, observing the global trend on digital National ID scheme being implemented like “Aadhaar” in India, “MyKad” in Malaysia, “Singpass” in Singapore and others, I come to wonder what difference lies behind its penetration progresses. For example, according to media information, penetration of “Aadhaar” in India has reached over 90% within 5-7 years upon its launch. (Some media claims 99% today…) What approach has been taken in India while yet to be seen in Japan? More cashback amount, or legal enforcement?? (Neither, I guess…)
Allow me to tentatively focus on my own family matter. While still hesitating to apply for my own “My Number Card”, other family members had their own be issued taking advantage of the cashback promotion, mentioned earlier, implemented. (Lucky them…) However, come to think of it, after having their own card being issued, none of them carries it along with themselves but all keep it in family-common-shelf in the living room “for months by now”.
In other words, while all carries along their own driver’s license card, insurance/medical card, cash/credit card, public transportation pass, etc. to cope with their immediate needs, “My Number Card” does not suffice such needs as of yet. Observing such situation within my family, I still do not find any immediate need to apply for my own Card be issued.
With that said, I would imagine that “Aadhaar” in India has been acknowledged and accepted by majority of its own people due to its scheme enabling people to receive public services easily and smoothly according to their needs.
In Japan, while My Number Card starting to be accepted at medical offices in place for insurance card and/or medical card, its penetration rate at such offices still remains at single digit (i.e. 7%), hence, we must still carry along our own insurance card and medical card.
Yes, in Japan, still a long-long time may need to be spent in order to come even closer to penetration of Aadhaar. How is it in your country?



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