One month flew by since the year 2022 began.
Since the beginning of the year, I drive my car more often.
Last year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo radiation therapy, so I have to take her to and from the hospital every now and then.

I drive along the national highway towards Tokyo to get to a hospital specializing in cancer treatment. There are a lot of traffic all the time.
There are many large delivery trucks, and as I only drive around my home neighborhood, I found it inconvenient.
So I decide to avoid the national road and take a loop route.

The national road is straight and flat, but the loop one is narrower, steeper, and more winding than I expected.
What surprises me most is that my car makes a warning sound when I approach an opposite car on a curve with a slope.
My car seems to perceive that I am approaching an obstacle because of the close distance to the oncoming vehicle.

If my car was equipped with AI, this would not be the case.
So I checked the current situation.

Japanese automaker “A” is working on an AI-based system that tracks not just the conditions around the car, but also the driver’s eye movements simultaneously. The system sounds an alarm if the driver has not been checking the mirrors when another vehicle approaches.

Will AI still work for passing each other on a curve of a slope?
I am a bit worried.

The automaker says it aims to commercialize the technology in the latter half of the 2020s.
There is still plenty of time, so I figure the "slope problem" would be solved.

Japanese automaker “B” is also developing another system to assist drivers. It uses cameras to monitor eye movements and body posture. If the driver is detected nodding off, it automatically brings the vehicle to a stop.

I've never had an experience to drive long enough to be sleepy, but I would say this system is very helpful.
The automaker “B” is planning to start selling cars equipped with the system from next year.
I'm counting on it.

In any case, I would like to keep safe driving in mind.



<<Topics of Government>>

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(2)NEC named a Major Player in IDC Market Scape: Asia/Pacific Vision Artificial Intelligence Software Platform 2021 Vendor Assessment

(3)NEC successfully demonstrates Open RAN leadership in O-RAN Global Plug Fest 2021

(4)Fujitsu Establishes AI Ethics and Governance Office to Ensure the Safe and Secure Deployment of AI and Leading-edge Technologies in Society

(5)Fujitsu Named to FORTUNE Magazine's 2022 List of "World's Most Admired Companies" for Fourth Year Running