The voice recognition systems have become popular. I put "Alexa" at my
bedside and every night I ask her by voice what time to wake me up the
next morning.

When I first experienced voice recognition, I was surprised and
delighted, as if a fairy tale had come true. Still, I didn't ask silly
questions like "Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?"

The latest AI analyzes not only human voices but also various sounds.
AI has made sounds visible to people with hearing impaired.

JR East launched the test operation at Ueno Station, a commuter hub in
I also use Ueno station for my commute. So, I saw what it is really

AI analyzes sounds like approaching trains or public announcements.
These are then transcribed on a display above the platform, just like
Onomatobe in comic books. It is very easy to understand and enjoyable.
Very impressive and once you see it, you will never forget it.
The product name is called “Ekimatopeia”. The system was developed by
major Japanese electronics company Fujitsu, based on propositions from
students at a public school for the deaf.

Please see this article, you can see the actual images. The second video
is the English version. There, the students are happily discussing "The
Future of the Daily commute" with the developers.

Sound visibility will continue to advance and make our lives even more
convenient in the future. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing it.


<Topics of Government>

(1)GPAI Summit 2022 Held

(2)Japan and Republic of Uzbekistan Sign a Memorandum of Cooperation
Establishing a Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)

(3)Name and Date Decided for the 2023 G7 Digital and Technology
Ministers' Meeting

<Topics of Industries>

(1)NEC launches multimodal biometric authentication solution featuring
the world's No.1 face recognition and iris recognition

(2)NEC becomes First Vendor to be Awarded "Requirements Compliant Bronze
Badge" for 5G Open RAN Radio Units in Latest Published TIP Requirements

(3)Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2022 JAPAN Keynote Session "Hitachi's
Vision for a Sustainable Society: Supporting People's Quality of Life
with Data and Technology"

(4)Supercomputer Fugaku retains first place worldwide in HPCG and
Graph500 rankings

(5)Fujitsu Global Delivery Center Philippines hailed as Regional
Champion for Transparency & Reporting at the UN Women 2022 Asia-Pacific
WEPs Awards