Prologue to Expectations of Digital Talent from Abroad

The IT sector is not the only industry in need of digital talent. All
fields that have never been associated with IT before are in need of
digitally literate people. Not only engineers, but also digitally
literate human resources are in demand.

The construction of a digital society and digital economy through rapid
digital transformation has become an urgent need in both developed and
emerging countries, and therefore the development of digital human
resources is being strongly promoted.

In Japan, the declining birthrate and aging population in all industries
are causing a serious decline in the workforce, which is becoming a
social problem. Japan is considering the introduction of foreign labor.
In particular, despite the country's efforts to develop a digital
society and digital economy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and
Industry(METI) estimates that by 2030 there will be a shortage of
approximately 790,000 digital human resources. In the ICT field,
expectations for digital human resources from emerging countries,
especially in Asia, are rapidly increasing.

However, it is also a fact that Japan is no longer an attractive market
for digital talents from emerging countries to "work in Japan" as it
once was due to the weak yen and deflation. The challenge for Japan's
ICT industry is to promote the incentive of "working in Japan" to
overseas digital human resources.

We would like to consider what incentives other than "wages" there are
for foreign digital human resources to work in Japan.

To this end, the Japanese ICT industry needs to consider the fact that
many digital human resources who come to Japan from overseas will return
to their home countries after a few years and contribute to the
development of their home countries.

In many countries, young people who have recently received advanced IT
education have not been able to create jobs that make use of their IT skills.

The Japanese approach to system development is by no means the global
mainstream, but it is of very high quality in terms of detail and certainty.
I would like to see the accumulation of experience of the entire
organization for the next generation as well as the improvement of
individual skills through kaizen (improvement).
I hope you will learn how to "keep promises," "work willingly for the
benefit of others," and "quality systems minimize life-cycle costs.
I hope that Japanese IT companies will not only focus on technology, but
also on these values.
I would like to see Japanese IT companies teach these values to foreign
digital talents, not just technology.

What I would like the Japanese ICT industry to consider when introducing
foreign digital talent is the importance of "cross-cultural communication.
Japan is a mono-ethnic country, so there is a lack of understanding of
different cultures. The first step is to understand that it is natural
that there are cultures different from our own.
The first step is to understand that it is natural that there are
cultures different from our own. In a foreign country where you are away
from your parents and have few friends, it is very important to
understand that it is normal to have a culture and customs that are
different from your own.
The fact that they accept our culture and customs in a foreign country
is a great source of comfort.

At the same time, digital human resources from overseas who have studied
in Japan will contribute to the development of their home country by
making the most of their experience in Japan. contribute to the
development of their home countries. I look forward to a future in which
such a win-win relationship is established.

Kotaro OKADA(Mr.)

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