Designing Future Society for Our Lives
~Saving Lives・Empowering Lives・Connecting Lives~

Not many may be aware but the phrase spelled out in title above
is the main theme held up for upcoming World Expo (referred to as
the WORLD’s FAIR) to be held in Osaka, Japan from April 13 through
October 13, 2025. It was approved at the General Assembly of the
Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) back on December 1, 2020.
This would be the second time Osaka hosts a World Expo, over
half century after previously hosting in 1970.
World Expo is an international exhibition held every five years
where nations showcase their latest and best inventions across a
wide range of industries, including but not limited to technology and
architecture that triggering greater convenience in our daily lives as
well as in an effort to address issues facing mankind on the global
scale. When Osaka hosted the previous one back in 1970, wireless
phone, electric vehicle and moving sidewalks, etc. were showcased
as technologies to make “Progress and Harmony for Mankind” of
which have become standard technology we enjoy today.
Apart from the previous showcase-events which have been
structured to explain new technology in an easy-to-understand way to
visitors, this time Expo in Osaka seems to have a completely new
format of which aims to be a participatory, experiential, solutions-
oriented expositions based on the concept of a “People’s Living Lab”
where experiences provide a starting point for people to live their
lives more fully, enjoyably and healthy.
With above said, ultimate goals of Expo 2025 Osaka set are to
contribute to the achievement of United Nations’ Sustainable
Development Goals (SDG’s) by 2030, hence, the showcase shall
become a key platform for its achievements, and achievement of
Japan’s National strategy “Society 5.0” as well.
Society 5.0 is Japan’s National strategy to develop a human-
centered society that progresses economically and resolves social
issues through a system that combines both cyber and physical
spaces in a sophisticated manner. It refers to a new form of society
chronologically following hunting, farming, industry, and information
societies. A society that is able to resolve variety of issues on a
global scale with technologies such as IoT, AI, robotics, big data, and
biotechnology is a society that will have achieved the SDG’s.
By the way, some side notes for those who are not familiar with
Osaka. Osaka geographically lies on the south of western Honshu
(Main-land of Japan) with 3rd populated city, following Tokyo and
Yokohama. It features many bustling sightseeing spots such as the
symbolic business and entertainment district “Doton-bori” and the
gorgeous “Osaka Castle” (Built in 1586) surrounded by over 600
“sakura (Cherry blossom) trees” as well as one of Japan’s most
popular theme parks, “Universal Studios Japan”.
Regardless of official or private, we look forward to your visit to
Osaka. “I-Rasshai-Mahse!”, or “a warm-welcome” in Osaka slang…

Official Web site for updates/details:

Kaoru(Ken) Nishimura(Mr.)

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