There is an athlete who involved Japan into a vortex of enthusiasm last year.
His name is Shohei Ohtani, who led the national baseball team of Japan
to the victory by beating the world's strongest team “USA” at the final
match of the “World Baseball Classic (WBC)”, held March last year where
20 national teams had participated from their own countries.
He is a real top MLB (Major League Baseball) player in the USA who won
the MVP award twice and very much famous as the real two-way player in
pitching and hitting, and he captivated even people, who had no interest
in baseball until the WBC.
Since the WBC, Shohei has been featured in the Japanese media almost
every day and been analysed why he is able to demonstrate unbelievably
high performance.
Through these analysis by media, there is one thing I came to know at my
first time, which is that he had been heavily conducting scientific
analysis based on cutting-edge sports science.
What surprised me most was that the analysis incorporated with much
cutting-edge IT.
I do not touch in details of IT itself incorporated, but what I felt was
that the cutting-edge IT is advancing sports science and it is then
finally bringing joy to people's daily lives… I once again realized the
wonderful power of IT, and would like to once again praise the wonderful
power of IT.

Hirofumi KIKUCHI(Mr.)

<Topics of Government>

(1)Study Group for Promotion of Information Sharing on Damages Caused by
Cyberattacks under the Study Group for Industrial Cybersecurity Compiles Final Report

(2)G7 Digital & Tech Ministers’ Meeting Held

(3)METI and the National Bank of Cambodia Sign and Exchange Memorandum
of Cooperation (MOC) in the Area of Unified QR Code-Based Payments

(4)WTO Joint Statement Initiative on E-Commerce: Co-Convenor Statement Released

<Topics of Industries>

(1)NEC receives order for KIOSK enabling one-stop immigration and
customs declaration procedures at Haneda Airport Terminal 2

(2)NEC, Kimuraya and ABEMA use AI to develop bread with a "taste of love"

(3)NEC launches new AI business strategy with the enhancement and
expansion of generative AI

(4)Hitachi Digital Services and OneThird Fight Supermarket Food Waste
With First-of-its-Kind Digital Solution

(5)Fujitsu works with Nitori Group, Japan’s largest furniture and
home-furnishing retail chain, to optimize last mile deliveries with
quantum-inspired technology

(6)Fujitsu and YE Digital launch new distribution center services to
address labor shortages, supply chain sustainability in Japan