Data Book

Record of Activity of the AFSIT-SIG for IT Internationalization

Edited by Takayuki K. SATO
Under the trust of CICC Promotion Committee for International Standardization of Information Technology
The original copy was published by Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC), Japan,
under the auspices of Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).


1.01 Introduction
1.02 The AFSIT
1.04 IT internationalization
1.05 What is Cultural Convention ?
1.05.1 Selection of cultural convention
1.05.2 Description format of cultural convention
1.06 Relation with International Standards and it's activities

Part-2 Country Data of Cultural conventions

2.01 Date
2.01.1 Format
2.01.2 Era system
2.01.3 Name of month (in local language) Full name in local expression Short name in local expression
2.01.4 Name of day of week in local language Full local expression Short form local expression Format
2.01.5 Week numbering
2.02 Time
2.02.1 Time format
2.02.2 Time zone and day-light saving time
2.03 Calendar
2.03.1 National holiday
2.04 Number format
2.05 Number Rounding
2.06 Monetary amount expression
2.06.1 Currency sign
2.06.2 Format
2.06.3 Amount expression in word
2.07 Word Representation of Numbers
2.08 Hyphenation of word
2.09 ICON and Symbols
2.09.1 Check marks
2.10 Writing Direction
2.11 Character size and Spacing
2.11.1 Character size
2.11.2 Line spacing
2.12 Preferred Font Style
2.12.1 Number of typefaces
2.12.2 Typical/Popular typefaces
2.12.3 Consideration on typeface design matching information
2.12.4 Font attribute
2.13 Character attribute
2.14 Paper Size
2.15 Page Margin
2.16 Page Layout
2.16.1 Page Layout
2.16.2 Page number location
2.17 Business letter format/layout
2.17.1 Main letter copy
2.17.2 Envelope
2.18 Personal letter format/layout
2.18.1 Main letter copy
2.18.2 Envelope
2.19 Postal Address format
2.20 Telephone Number Format
2.20.1 Format
2.20.2 Country code
2.21 Measurement Systems
2.21.1 Temperature Measurement
2.22 Legal and regulatory requirements
2.23 Message and Dialogue
2.23.1 Languages of country
2.23.2 Acceptance of English in IT application
2.23.3 YES and NO
2.23.4 Character set
2.24 Person's name (mode of address)
2.24.1 Basic format of name
2.24.2 Transformation method in Latin character
2.24.3 Short form of name
2.24.4 Indexing of name
2.24.5 Women's name when married
2.24.6 Location of personal title and saluting
2.24.7 Title or Saluting in local language and character
2.25 Colour usage and significance
2.25.1 Colour in national flag
2.25.2 Colour for defined (and significant) meaning
2.25.3 Colour usage or general meaning of colour
2.26 Taboo Items

Annex A Coded Character Set Standard(s)
A.1 International Standard
A.2 National Standards
Annex B List of standards
B.1 International Standards
B.2 National Standards
Annex C National Holidays
Annex D Paper sizes
Annex E Point size (US/UK vs. European)

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